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flower by manicdrugs flower :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 1 2
Synthetic Mutations
      THIS     IS     SIN   THIS   IS    SIN     
           IS      SIN      THIS        iS SIN
                 SO YOU TELL ME,         IS THIS S
:iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 0
Once upon a Mushroom 2 by manicdrugs Once upon a Mushroom 2 :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 2 Taking Over by manicdrugs Taking Over :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 6
Truth in a plastic wrapper?
All of my relavant thoughts have escaped me
Dissembling into the reflections of a mural
I have found my own reflection then lost it in the mirror
This picture should come clearer but on the surface
it all fades away
Can't seem to grasp the words in my head
are all caught in disarray
welts left in my mind from the thought of inhumanity
There's a gaping hole stuck in-between me and my sanity
These scavangers are eating me alive
and their logos have been imprinted in
The crevices of your ignorance
Staring into screens of detachment
children lose their innocence
buy ads for your overwhelming decadence
Lately I've been feeling like a monkey trapped in a lab
having products tested on me
Wondering if We'll ever be free from
The tyranny of evil men
And then suddenly the light shines through
Like a lotus thats in bloom
We will soon emerge
from the muddy waters anew
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the white horse by manicdrugs the white horse :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 0 channeled Illusion by manicdrugs channeled Illusion :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 7
I am but a speck wading in an endless sea of incandescense,
Is the light too bright or dark I can never tell, I just keep floating along like the soundwave of impermanance that seems to encompass my entire being like a magnet they gather around the bodies in remorse, only to realize the lack of apprecaition they gave
the question WHy? takes on so many forms but the answer is always the same, broken and tattered my mind just shattered and drooled from my chin away, off into the distance of pointlessness out of the swirling conciousness my ego has come out to play games
the world is not just, people are not inherently good, flowering back into the whole there is no dualism, the connectivity has swolen into
the center as the concept of balance fades into the oneness of everything and nothing
we need to stop in the tracks of "I cant" and understand that Nothing is ours or mine and original the potential of possibilities is open to all to utilize at any point of this endless moment
With the
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Orientational Mandala by manicdrugs Orientational Mandala :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 2 0 MAndala2 by manicdrugs MAndala2 :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 0 The_SMELL_of_Liberation? by manicdrugs The_SMELL_of_Liberation? :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 5 THird Eye Connection by manicdrugs THird Eye Connection :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 1 7
pins and needles
Assembled in the Cuticles
Half mast the Missing KEY
how to Find the way through this Cave
So wrap that belt tightly roud your waist
Cases of heads lost within their own face
I've tried to wash it down
But I can still smell the taste
   Single filed parasites
Laughing at their graves
MOnumental pretexts encoded in conception
looking through the paradigm
to see your own reflection
THis container LID has come loose again
   Severed fingers encrusted with
self-picking scabs as eyelids swell
their bile filled tear ducts with pixles of dis-ease
Crampled communications
mis-interpreted construsion
Belief LIES at the heart
of the blood filled illusions
Dominating Triggers
pulling shots through their
Twisted barrels as the pins
Turn to needles that inoculate my thoughts
seduced by the SCREENING influence
This limbless torso screams
into the shattered glass window
trying to release himself from
THis paralyzing CoMa.
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what really happened? by manicdrugs what really happened? :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 0 2
misblunder stood
Graphed out systems
Of Satelites
Filtered signals
There's a new disguise
Eyes in the skies
Remote viewing
Microchips in the shoulder sling
magnetic feilds have broken
Shorted grounds of circuitry
Are you still strung up
Threads of conditioning
Automotronic minds
Still not listening
Open up wide
Can you hear the glistening
Or did you choose to hide
beneath your ego's mist and cling
To the shoe that suits you well
Like a hermit crab
crawling back into its shell
Ther is a tension in the air
and its seeming to swell
Like a bubble that's about to burst
assuming the worst
you've put yourself first
striving after an unquenchable thirst
You just couldnt see past
The one whom you've cursed
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Pumpkin Mandala by manicdrugs Pumpkin Mandala :iconmanicdrugs:manicdrugs 1 1


Skatrain by soapyspiders Skatrain :iconsoapyspiders:soapyspiders 5 2 Flowers by Punapea Flowers :iconpunapea:Punapea 1 3 Matters of the heart by artisticalshell Matters of the heart :iconartisticalshell:artisticalshell 34 21 Agit-Prop Matrix - by bombkamp Agit-Prop Matrix - :iconbombkamp:bombkamp 1 25 Satori by artisticalshell Satori :iconartisticalshell:artisticalshell 42 19 chalk pastel color burst by firstofthegang chalk pastel color burst :iconfirstofthegang:firstofthegang 1 1 Thirsting for color by kcbird3 Thirsting for color :iconkcbird3:kcbird3 1 5 MOLOKO by lora-zombie MOLOKO :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 448 58 Define Intensity by Apfelninja Define Intensity :iconapfelninja:Apfelninja 6 3 floral by organicsymmetry floral :iconorganicsymmetry:organicsymmetry 1 4 MolecularMan BreaksOut InSquid by JonBeinart MolecularMan BreaksOut InSquid :iconjonbeinart:JonBeinart 11 61 Minature by Thorn-rat Minature :iconthorn-rat:Thorn-rat 2 13 The Game by Punapea The Game :iconpunapea:Punapea 5 10 Thou Art That -WIP- by SolidAbyss Thou Art That -WIP- :iconsolidabyss:SolidAbyss 5 12 Heart. by Faithie77 Heart. :iconfaithie77:Faithie77 1 10 swirly skeleton guy by UpadanaSaddha swirly skeleton guy :iconupadanasaddha:UpadanaSaddha 8 9



Current Residence: The Same compost heap as you
Favourite genre of music: psychedelic
Favourite style of art: COmPlex
MP3 player of choice: Id rather listen to a home theatre system
Favourite cartoon character: Meatwad From (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Personal Quote: Stop searching for the meaning of life, For that makes life meaningless
I just recently saw that my art has been favorited 13 times
In the traditional study of numerology, 13 represents someone who is reborn into a higher level of consciousness and has reached a state of transmutation.  Others believe that it is a number significant to a karmic debt. I enjoy both of these concepts so in two weeks on the thirteenth I'll repay this two fold by adding 13 new favs and comment on each one.

I encourage others to do the same on that day for spiritual growth.  


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artisticalshell Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2006  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the favs and comments!!!
UpadanaSaddha Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006
i like the pencil drawings in your gallery... you have a good imgination... thanks for looking at my gallery. be well...
manicdrugs Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006
you too

by the way, is your name a mantra or what is its meaning ?
jus curious
Punapea Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006
Thank you for the fav :hug:
SolidAbyss Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006
appreciate the fav. and the time
kcbird3 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006
Thanks so much for the fav! :glomp:
IHGhost Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006
Hey, man! Thanks for the :+fav: !!! :headbang:
IHGhost Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2006
Thanks for the :+devwatch: and the comments, I really appreciate it!
manicdrugs Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
no problem happy to do it
bombkamp Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
on a simpsons episode today, bart ordered a dog with a phoney credit card- when Burns met the dog he said something like "this dog must be in the skull & bones"
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